It's Me, Hi, I'm Rebekah!

I can't wait for you to begin your RV journey! For me, RV living was literally a lifesaver! It provided my children and I with a home, a safe space and set us up to be financially free. I'm also able to spend more time with my kids, dial in my self care and overall enjoy life more because of this freeing lifestyle and now it's YOUR TURN!

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Yes, you read that right, this course is currently only $30 for founding members! As the course is re-vamped, has content added, you will have access to any future updates for the found member enrollment of only $30!

Boho RV Living Rooom
Learn What Size RV is Best!

Deciding which kind of an RV can be daunting, do you want a travel trailer, do you want a 5th wheel? Are you better off with a Van? Is a Motorhome going to be your best option. We cover choosing not only your RV but your tow vehicle as well.

RV Propane
Black Tank? Gray Tank? Propane?

Learn everything you need to know about daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. Are you a single mom and concerned you "Won't know how?" Don't worry! Everything you need to know and more is apart of this course.

RV Kitchen
How do I Find a Place to Park?

We cover every option under the sun! Some are pretty creative, join us!

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